Grand Awards Judge Database Access Page

Thank you for your interest in being a 2022 CSEF Grand Awards Judge!

New Grand Awards Judge Registration:
Please click on the "create new account" button and fill in all the information on the form. You will receive a confirmation email once you have created your account. All future CSEF correspondence will be emailed to you using the information that you provide in the forms.

Returning Grand Awards Judge Registration and Update:
If you have participated in previous Colorado Science and Engineering Fairs as a Grand Awards Judge, please login to your account and update any information that may have changed and what your preferences are for judging. (Your login name and password will be found on the Judges Information Page that you received in the mail.)

All information in the registration form is important to complete - do not skip any questions. By registering online or mailing the hardcopy form to the GAJ Coordinator, you agree to commit to participating as a Grand Awards Judge for the full day (10 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.). If you need a reminder of your password, please contact the CSEF Director.

We have made several changes to the registration form and have included several REQUIRED fields which will need to be completed before you can submit the form. These are marked with **.

Conflict of Interest Agreement

I hereby acknowledge that by submitting this registration, I agree to serve as a Grand Awards Judge for the 2022 Colorado Science and Engineering Fair (CSEF). I agree to act in a positive and ethical manner in which each student encountered is treated fairly and respectfully. I agree to disclose all conflicts, potential conflicts and perceived conflicts of interest resulting from direct competitive, collaborative or any other relationships with any of the students and to recuse myself from judging in such circumstances.

Some examples of a conflict of interest are:
• mentoring a student and then judging that student's project;
• judging a project at one of the Colorado Regional Science Fairs and judging the same project at the CSEF;
• being a captain/judge in the same category and division you were in at a regional science fair; or
• being a sponsor, teacher, or relative to a student that you would be judging.

I agree to notify CSEF's Grand Awards Judging Coordinator ( immediately if I become aware of any circumstance that would potentially compromise my ability to attend the event or evaluate finalists' projects. (If you have any questions regarding this Conflict of Interest Agreement, please contact the CSEF Director at

If you are having difficulties registering, either as a New Grand Awards Judge or a Returning Grand Awards Judge, please contact the CSEF Director ( or 970-491-7716) immediately for assistance.

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